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CollageManagement System

College Management System(CMS) is a State of the Art combination of College ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and advanced LMS (learning management system), also called VEL (virtual environment for learning). The ERP modules of CMS are developed keeping in mind the needs of not only the management but also the teachers and students of a School.

CMS is a web based ERP software loaded with features like admission module, staff and salary management, fees management, online notice board, online attendance, online assignments and assessments, online examinations, online time-table, report card generation, discussion forums, feedback forms module, library management, campus placement module etc. All these features together create a blended learning environment, easy data access and effective communication for students and teachers alike. This fully loaded College ERP and Learning Management System for College comes at an extremely low cost, a first of its kind in the country.


User-Centric Interface

Learning should be a joyful experience, and our LMS makes it just that. With a user-friendly interface, it welcomes learners of all ages and backgrounds. It’s about creating an inclusive space where everyone feels at home.

Rich Multimedia Content

We believe in the power of visuals, audio, and interactivity. Our LMS supports a wide range of multimedia content, transforming lessons into immersive experiences. It’s about sparking curiosity and igniting the imagination.

Personalized Learning Paths

Every learner is on a unique journey, and our system recognizes that. It tailors learning paths, recommending courses and resources based on individual interests and progress. It’s about honoring the uniqueness of each learner.

Engaging Assessments and Feedback

Learning is a two-way street, and our LMS ensures it. It offers engaging assessments and prompt feedback, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. It’s about nurturing a growth mindset.

Collaborative Learning Spaces

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our LMS provides collaborative learning spaces, where learners can connect, share ideas, and grow together. It’s about forging meaningful connections.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Celebrating achievements is at the heart of our LMS. It offers detailed progress tracking and performance reports, making it easy to recognize and applaud milestones. It’s about celebrating every step forward.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Learning knows no boundaries, and our system reflects that. It complies with accessibility standards, ensuring that education is accessible to all, regardless of abilities. It’s about equal opportunities for everyone.

Security and Privacy

We treasure the trust placed in us. Our LMS prioritizes data security and privacy, safeguarding sensitive information with the utmost care. It’s about maintaining trust and integrity.