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SchoolManagement System

School Management System(SMS) is a State of the Art combination of School ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and advanced LMS (learning management system), also called VEL (virtual environment for learning). The ERP modules of SMS are developed keeping in mind the needs of not only the management but also the teachers and students of a School.

SMS is a web based ERP software loaded with features like admission module, staff and salary management, fees management, online notice board, online attendance, online assignments and assessments, online examinations, online time-table, report card generation, discussion forums, feedback forms module, library management, campus placement module etc. All these features together create a blended learning environment, easy data access and effective communication for students and teachers alike. This fully loaded School ERP and Learning Management System for School comes at an extremely low cost, a first of its kind in the country.


Effortless Attendance Tracking

Say goodbye to manual attendance! Our system tracks student attendance with precision, providing real-time updates to both parents and educators. It’s about ensuring every child’s presence is acknowledged and valued.

Grades and Performance Analysis

We believe in celebrating every achievement, big or small. Our system allows teachers to record and share grades with ease, while also providing performance insights to identify areas of improvement. It’s about nurturing growth.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration

We understand the importance of a strong support system. Our platform enables seamless communication between parents and teachers, fostering a partnership in the child’s educational journey. It’s about creating a united front for success.

Resource Management

Resources are precious, and we strive to make the most of them. Our system optimizes resource allocation, ensuring that classrooms, materials, and staff are utilized efficiently. It’s about maximizing the potential of every resource.

Attendance Notifications

We care deeply about your child’s safety. Our system sends instant notifications to parents when their child arrives or departs from school. It’s about providing peace of mind.

Timetable Management

Every moment in a school day is a chance to learn. Our system creates optimized timetables, ensuring that every subject and activity finds its place. It’s about making the most of every minute.

Library Management

Books are windows to the world, and we want to open as many as possible. Our system manages the school library, making it easy for students to explore and educators to curate resources. It’s about nurturing curiosity.

Fee Management

Financial matters should never hinder a child’s education. Our system simplifies fee management, providing transparency and flexibility in payment options. It’s about ensuring access for all.